Black Indians of Texas

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 Black Indians  of Texas


Native people with African blood have been in Texas more than two hundred years . Long  before the first Europeans ever settled in Texas there were Afro-Indian people.Still others were refugees who came west to escape  the bonds of slavery. Others were part of southern tribes like the Chickasaw, Muskogan Creeks, Chocktaw, Seminole, and Cherokee who endured the trail of tears.  Yet there were others who were brought to the southern plains as servants to white masters. 

Some enslaved Africans managed to escape and join bands, others were kidnaped by local Indian tribes.  Yellow Dog (Comanche), was said to have more Afro-Indians than full blood Indians in his  band of Comanches.  Bands of Seminoles (John Caballo's band) settled along the border of Rio Grande Valley.
Even Thousands of   Black Indians came to Texas from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas after the Civil War.

The history of Black Indians has been a hidden history throughout the United States.  Our goal is to educate the community about the lives of our ancestors and celebrate the cultural diversity of the United States.

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I, Am America


I, am America.


Native is the blood that flowed through old ones, like

the running mountain rivers.


It now flows through me…


Sacred Indian dances and black African drum calls

Embellish my memory.


The Spirits of my ancestors still live.


Though white man disapproves and few forgive.

Old stories carried around by the wind,


First the future and the past is back again.


Apache, Comanche, Iroquois, Sioux,

Chicasas, Black Foot and Ashanti, too—


I, am America,

I am born of the land.

My blood is native truth.

My sons, the sons of man.

 .Copyright @ by Talking Medicine 1999

  • Indigenous Peoples


    Indigenous people—RED was the color of blood

    that they shed. 

    Being forced to leave their native homes,

    To reside in capture, unable to roam.

    By those who had no respect for the land,

    Not the promises that God had made to man.


    Indigenous people—BLACK from Africa, the

    Mother Land, too:  under attack!


    Sold into slavery, deprived of their tribes,

    By those who pretended, God’s word to



    Indigenous people—BROWN, robbed and killed,

    when other marched through their towns.


    Rudely disrespecting their style of life,


    Inspired by greed and ruthlessly causing strife.

    Indigenous people, by number there are more,

    Like Jews and Armenians who died by the score.


    What sinister forces must overcome some,

    So they murder and force others to run?




    Do you really believe that

    Times have now changed?

    Time has, but attitudes have not.

    There are still those, deranged.


    They are the ones who are without self-esteem.

    Who have never know love nor the

    Master Supreme.


    Indigenous people—we—have survived 500

    years of resistance.

copyright@ by Talking medcine 1999

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